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web app: Airbus A320 App

Special Software for Airbus a320

This professional app for the Airbus A320 will help you to fly the aircraft in flight simulator for training purposes in a very realistic way. The app will support your pilot activities.

Learning material

Learn how to fly different aircraft professionally to take the most advantage out of your flight.

Aviation Software

When you fly, you need a good software that will support your pilot tasks and activities.



Learn the basics of IFR-Flying. Understand how to utilize the instruments of your aircraft. 

Brand new content

Use and understand the newest technology in aviation. Decide where you want to go today.

Private Pilot Licence

Experience E-Learning material for virtual flying and flight school preparation for private pilots.

Ideas & Innovation

Get new ideas and experience the newest innovation of aviation industry.

Start to fly now.

Bring your flying to the next level.

Immersive Learning Experience

The most online flight schools are expensive and require personal presence. This flight school happens completely online and does not require any certificate, as medical or assessment center.

Get the best software

Pilots require a software that allow them to fly the aircraft in a professional way. Use the modern software by Goginava Aviation to improve your flying experience and skills. 

Get the app now. This professional product is entirely free. Enhance your flying. 

Break the barriers

Get knowledge about aviation, motivation to fly and the best aircraft. Prepare yourself for the Private Pilot License or use the product to become familiar with advanced topics of aviation.